I wanna rock!

My friend Marian introduced me to an anime called Otome Youkai Zakuro, and I LOVE IT. SO MANY FEELS. It’s very unique and there’s not even shameless fanservice. Quality fucking show, here.

Anywho, I am planning on going to my ex-band mate’s birthday party with a good buddy of mine that was our stand-in drummer for like 6 months. ;P That’ll take place in about two and a half weeks, I think. It will be nice to see her and all of those other musicians again. I miss performing rock music SO MUCH.


That photo was taken by the guy I want to get with. ;P I’m the chick with the bass, the drummer friend I’ll be going to that party with is the one on the drums (he wore a wig, lipstick, and eyeliner! we were an all-girl band, so he wanted to fit in. XD), and the one who’s birthday it is is the chick on the far left of the photo with a yellow guitar.


I hope I can find people to jam out with soon, I’m starting to go crazy without it.
Anyway, I’d better head off to bed (or try). It’s nearly 3AM! 

Heart you all.