Depression can kiss my ass!

Welp. I’ve officially got 2 days left until I move in to Seattle.

My mom and I have spent a good amount of time buying lots of shit for me and I am pretty worried about money because I found out that my financial aid won’t leave me with a whole lot of room to live, it’ll just pay for everything except food and shit. So… I have to worry about finding a student job. I really do want to get one! I’m just bad at typing out my resume… But I’m going to utilize all of my resources and bust it out like a bad-ass and I’ll be okay in no time! 🙂

Also, I sent that guy that made out with me a text the next day and said “hey, this is Kelly from Powell’s :)” and he never responded, so I’m thinking either:

-he’s a weird musician guy that doesn’t make sense

-he typed his number in wrong

-or someone deleted the text like bitches would do in Gossip Girl

I’m not broken up about it, I’m just weirded out because he’s the one that came on to me. But hey, I got to make out with a really attractive dude, so go me!

I also wanted to talk about something really cool. I was just reading about Depression a little bit, and that made me realize that I fucking beat it. I was really sad for a couple of YEARS and I was getting to the point about a year ago where I was seriously thinking that suicide would be a really good option for me. So I started taking anti-depressants to build myself back up. I took them for 9 months and my most recent ex and his good friend were strongly encouraging me to get off of my pills. So I tried weaning myself off of them. One night I woke up from a bad dream and started feeling really freaky and bad, so I went to go cuddle with my mom and she suggested I take an anti-depressant. After that episode, I continued to take them, then I later weaned off of them completely. I think it’s been at least 2 or 2 and a half months since I’ve been off of them and I feel fuckin’ fantastic! I’m confident about myself, I feel good around other people, I feel like I have control of my life! 

I beat depression!! I kicked it in the face until it bled to death! It makes me really proud of myself to realize that and I feel like I can accomplish even more things. 

I’m awesome.