Hangin’ in Seattle

Hey all! I’m in Seattle right now! What I’m about to say totally goes against what I said in my last post, but it’s how I’m feeling, so…
I don’t feel like I’m beautiful. :/
I made a brief appearance at a low-key company party that I took my mom to, and she told me today that a bunch of people approached her and were like, “your daughter is so beautiful!” and “does she always smile like that?” and various other compliments like that. No one ever tells me things like this unless they’re around my mom’s age, or are my mom or dad. 


Guys my age never tell me I’m beautiful! And my mom says it all the time, and it’s kind of sad that no one else really seems to think so. 

And no, I’m not posting this fishing for compliments, that’s what photobooth and facebook are for. I know I don’t really have any followers anyway. : P
I feel like I want to put more effort into looking good. This character from Chihayafuru season 2 sort of made me realize it.


I feel like her character is extreme about her looks, and she’s really self-centered, but I want to care at least a little bit about looking pretty. Maybe people would compliment me more often if I did.
The thing is, I have REALLY BAD HABITS:
-picking at my fingernails (and toenails) when they get even a tiny bit long. My first instinct should be to go to the clippers, but I have been picking at my nails for as long as I can remember.
-picking scabs. If I get a zit on my face, I have to try and pop it, and then if it becomes a scab, I have to pick it, let it heal, pick it, let it heal… I hate this about myself! I really want to stop these gross habits!
I want to maintain pretty fingernails and nice skin. 

Just putting my thoughts out.
That’s what wordpress is for! 

Ruv roo all.


Thoughts About Dressing Rooms

There’s something that I want to discuss.

I am a very body positive person. I know that I’m not fat, but I am a bit rounder than I used to be. But I don’t hate myself for it, and I’ve been doing my best to eat healthy and work out. But I love my body the way it is right now. I look in the mirror and smile. 🙂


What is the deal with trying on clothes in dressing rooms at stores?

I am convinced that there is some sort of aesthetic that they use in dressing rooms to make you feel fat, like the lighting or something.

OR MAYBE, it’s just our own minds breaking down because we’re in a public place and we feel the need subconsciously to fit in with society’s standards. This sounds more likely.

Seriously though, I do my best to combat those feelings, but when I was trying clothes on the other day, I just looked fat! 

Well you know what?


I’m freakin’ tall, I’ve got nice legs, and big boobs. I sometimes wish that my boobs were smaller so that I could wear cute little bralettes and bandeaus and shit, but my boobs are never going to change, so I must embrace them. 🙂 (I mean, they’re not extremely giant and they fit my body type well.)

And I like my face. And my eyes.