My Feelings about the TV Show ‘Ringer’

Major SPOILERS of the show Ringer with Sarah Michelle Gellar. I needed somewhere to vent/cry it out.

A list of things that bother me about Ringer:

Bridget doesn’t grieve at all about taking a human life at the beginning of the series when she kills the hit man in self defense. She only worried about hiding the body, it’s like killing someone didn’t do anything to her psyche. 


I thought it was stupid that Siobahn blamed Bridget and her ex for the loss of her son’s life and hated them for it for years afterward. It was quite obviously an accident, and it could’ve happened if Siobahn was driving too. There’s nothing you can do about shit like that. 


Bridget and Malcom both have a bit of on-screen time struggling to get sober, but I felt like once they were sober, it wasn’t a struggle anymore. I felt like it was way too easy for Malcom when he got sober again after being kidnapped. I’ve never done drugs and I’m not addicted to anything, but I think it’s probably more of a struggle than they make it seem like in this show. 


The whole plot line about Juliet’s school teacher and classmate and the lawsuit and everything doesn’t make sense. Juliet had a budding friendship with that black chick and after Juliet had her trial date, the black chick isn’t even showing up anymore. And the random thing with the school teacher and Juliet’s mom doesn’t make any sense, and this plot line is just so dumb. 


And on that note, I actually just finished watching the first season. 

There is no second season, and the ending was a disaster.


I know, major first world problems, but seriously?

Bridget JUST NOW found out that Siobahn is still alive

Andrew and Juliet went out to the beach to get away for awhile, both of them hating Bridget

Henry kicked Siobahn out of his life and now she’s got twin girls and nowhere to stay


lmao okay, I’m chuckling at myself now. I’ll just make up my own ending. ;P


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