Listening to blink-182 and thinking about life

I had a strange day today. I woke up at 4:50AM to take my mom to the airport to work so that I can use the car when she’s gone (she’s a flight attendant), and rather than going back home to sleep more, I went to my college to work on my paper that was due today. My class wasn’t until 11AM, so I was there a long time trying to stay awake and write a decent-sounding paper. When I finally got home, I slept from about 1:30-6PM. Basically, my sleep schedule is all fucked up now. I’m not sure how tomorrow is going to go, but it’s a good thing that I don’t have class until 2PM tomorrow.

In other news, I went shopping with my mom on Saturday. : D Got a few Christmas presents that I’m supposed to forget about. And my mom ordered the Naughty Package for me from blink-182’s website for their new EP coming out this month.

I really want to wear the T-shirt right when it comes in the mail, but my mom said that I have to wait until Christmas to open it. D: But that’s okay, because the EP is coming to me digitally on the 18th so that’ll give me something to get giddy about. : )

I also got a new pair of TOMS shoes that are suede booties with fleece lining. They’re so fucking comfortable and I have a feeling that they are going to be my go-to shoe until Summer. ; P


Also, remember how I said that I wanted to get a PINK water bottle? When my mom and I were out shopping, we went to a Vicky’s Secret and they had water bottles there and they were super cheap looking and feeling, not to mention that the label didn’t mention it being BPA-free, which probably means that they’re not. So there’s no need for me to get a cheap piece of shit water bottle. Mom and I got 2 pairs of panties each and some lip stuff for each of us. I got the MINTY Kiss Peppermint Lip Shimmer, and it smells amazing, but the ingredients sound phenomenally bad, especially since I’m a Burt’s Bees girl. ; P

So… in between now and tomorrow, I have to put together a PowerPoint presentation for my Meteorology class on the Ice Age. That’ll be fun. : P


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