It’s almost 2013!

Well Merry Christmas and almost Happy New Year, everyone! I haven’t been feeling blogging lately, but I am now. : )

I spent my day yesterday doing mainly nothing. I did see my best friend Gaby, and we exchanged Christmas gifts and then went out to Powell’s Books to get some, well, books. : P I bought myself some Japanese books to help me get back in the zone and teach myself a little more. 


What I really need to do is fill out my UW and FAFSA applications. Perhaps I’ll work on that while I’m at the beach with my mom, my brother, and his girlfriend. My aunt and uncle have a house at the beach that has a guest house attached to it, so they are always very welcoming to guests. : )


Beh, I’m kind of distracted and I need to get my shit together. 

さよなら, bitches!


It’s not even Christmas Eve, and I’ve wrapped way more than two fucking presents.

Hey, I’m sorry that I haven’t posted in a little over a week. I’ve been busy with finishing up my final term at community college and preparing for Christmas and seeing my friends that are home from college! By the way, I got an A in Public Speaking, a B+ in Meteorology, and a B in Business Communications. I have my AA now! Go me! : D
Things I’m into right now:

My awesome Spiderman pillow that I bought while out with a friend at an outlet mall. I got it at a Disney store and I didn’t realize that Marvel was owned by Disney. Actually, I think I was aware of that, I just forgot. : P The pillow is perfect for cuddling, which is why I bought it. : )

Season 3 of Glee. I watched almost the entire season in 2 days. I saw the first episode of the third season back when it came out and thought it was dumb, but I noticed that they had it on Netflix, so I decided to start watching from the third episode and onward, and I couldn’t really stop. : P

Christmas music (and Christmas in general ;P). I listen to the Christmas station whenever I get in the car lately and my mom bought a few new Christmas CDs, including the first Glee Christmas CD, which I’m listening to right now.

blink-182’s new EP Dogs Eating Dogs. My mom ordered me the “Naughty Package” from their website, which included a T-shirt, a Christmas card from blink, and a blink sticker. The EP got delivered to me electronically.


I actually haven’t been watching Sailor Moon a whole lot lately, I feel bad. : P I’ve watched 136/200 episodes. I’ve gotten all caught up on Shirokuma Cafe though, which I LOVE. 

Anyway, I’ll write a better blog entry when I’m less tired and more focused. 


Thinking about my future

I wonder if I’ll ever get married. Right now, it seems like I will never meet anyone that I will love enough to want to spend the rest of my life with them. But I know I just need to get out of this small, stupid town and live my life. I really want a Japanese husband!!
I want to move to Japan, become fluent in Japanese, fall in love, and have adorable half-Japanese babies. I never used to want kids at all, but now I feel like I do. Later in my life, when my spouse and I have a steady income, of course. 

Part of me feels like I want to fast forward to where I meet my future spouse so that I can be comfortable and happy, but I guess that would take the fun out of this experience that we call life, now wouldn’t it? And I have to keep working out and eating healthy so that I can be a foxy American woman when I finally go to Japan. ; ) Not that I don’t think I am already, I’m just a little bit rounder than I’d like to be at the moment. ;P

Anyway, I guess this is another weird-ish post. I sort of want to bake something, but I don’t really want to do the work right now. ;P

If we had an orange and a lemon, I could totes do this right now: <> I bet it smells amaaaazinnggg.

I’m going to go now, I don’t want this blog post to get too weird. 


Christmas cards and Music

Alright! I finished my 3 homemade Christmas card designs. Now I just need to go to Kinko’s (I think that’s where I need to go. :P) and get some card stock so I can make some fucking awesome Christmas cards for my friends and family! 


Speaking of Christmas cards, I must share this with you. I went to my local Goodwill today because I had some time to kill before my dental appointment, and I was nonchalantly browsing the Christmas card section of the store because it was 2 boxes of Christmas cards for $1. So guess what I found in there? 

A box of Papyrus Christmas cards. 

I bought them for 50 cents!!

I couldn’t believe my luck! For those of you that don’t know, Papyrus cards are super expensive, they’re always beautifully made with great colors, wonderful designs, and quality paper for the cards and the envelopes. They’re like the Nordstrom of greeting cards. So you can imagine my disbelief as I approached the cash register. The cashier looked at the bottom of the box and said, “look! these were $18.95! You got yourself a deal here!”. 

Fuckin’ A, I’m so proud of myself for that. 

As I was browsing the T-shirts, I HAD to buy a bright red one that says “School of Rock” and the theater release date for that movie. That is my favorite movie, so I had to buy it. It was $5. I have made many crafts and re-designed tops from T-shirts, so I’ll probably use it in a project like that in the future. There was also a Fireball Whiskey T-shirt that was only $4, but I’m broke and had to choose between one or the other, so I decided on School of Rock. Needless to say, I had a successful Goodwill shopping experience. It’s pretty much hit or miss every time I go there. : P

I have had a good day. I actually went out tonight! I went to my college’s choir and band concert with one of my friends, and this is my first quarter since attending my college that I haven’t been in band, so it was weird being in the audience. I had a good time though. : ) I am considering joining the band again for Winter and Spring quarter, because I miss it AND the band is going on a tour somewhere this Summer, which is always fun. So, hmmmmm. 

By the way, I’m a flute player. And I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned on here before that I also play the Bass Guitar and a little Electric Guitar. I LUV music! : D

Anywho, I’m going to get back to lazing about and watching anime. Ciao!

Feering Ronrey

Hi, this is what I looked like today. ;P


There were some very annoying girls that I sat next to today in a study-area/cafe at my school. They talked very loudly and were probably running start students. But they seemed like really close friends, like they probably hang out all the time. 

Also, I was snooping around a friend’s facebook page and noticed that they were making a reference to How I Met Your Mother that I understood and thought was funny, but it felt very lonely for me, because I started watching that show by myself after I broke up with my boyfriend. 

I guess what I’m getting at here is that I’m quite a solitary person. But ever since I started taking anti-depressants, I’ve really enjoyed my alone time. A lot. Today I just felt quite lonely. Another thing that happened was, when I was driving my mom and I home tonight, my mom was rooting around in the passenger seat looking for some cord and she sort of distracted me and I swerved a little bit. She snipped at me a little for it and I said it was only because she was rooting around and she said, “well what if you have a friend in the car with you and they do the same thing?”. It was only then that I began to think about this stuff, because I never have any friends in the passenger seat. Ever. It’s only me, or me and my mom, or me and my dad, or me and my mom and one of my mom’s friends. 

I feel like it’s so hard to have a close relationship with any of my friends since my best friend for 5 years royally fucked me over about 3 years ago. I still dream about her most nights. 

I really want to spend time with my friends. I need to do something fun so bad, and I need to spend my vast amounts of alone time more productively. 

Sorry about this weird post, I needed to get my thoughts out. My life is so weird. 


Listening to blink-182 and thinking about life

I had a strange day today. I woke up at 4:50AM to take my mom to the airport to work so that I can use the car when she’s gone (she’s a flight attendant), and rather than going back home to sleep more, I went to my college to work on my paper that was due today. My class wasn’t until 11AM, so I was there a long time trying to stay awake and write a decent-sounding paper. When I finally got home, I slept from about 1:30-6PM. Basically, my sleep schedule is all fucked up now. I’m not sure how tomorrow is going to go, but it’s a good thing that I don’t have class until 2PM tomorrow.

In other news, I went shopping with my mom on Saturday. : D Got a few Christmas presents that I’m supposed to forget about. And my mom ordered the Naughty Package for me from blink-182’s website for their new EP coming out this month.

I really want to wear the T-shirt right when it comes in the mail, but my mom said that I have to wait until Christmas to open it. D: But that’s okay, because the EP is coming to me digitally on the 18th so that’ll give me something to get giddy about. : )

I also got a new pair of TOMS shoes that are suede booties with fleece lining. They’re so fucking comfortable and I have a feeling that they are going to be my go-to shoe until Summer. ; P


Also, remember how I said that I wanted to get a PINK water bottle? When my mom and I were out shopping, we went to a Vicky’s Secret and they had water bottles there and they were super cheap looking and feeling, not to mention that the label didn’t mention it being BPA-free, which probably means that they’re not. So there’s no need for me to get a cheap piece of shit water bottle. Mom and I got 2 pairs of panties each and some lip stuff for each of us. I got the MINTY Kiss Peppermint Lip Shimmer, and it smells amazing, but the ingredients sound phenomenally bad, especially since I’m a Burt’s Bees girl. ; P

So… in between now and tomorrow, I have to put together a PowerPoint presentation for my Meteorology class on the Ice Age. That’ll be fun. : P