It’s almost December!

Wow, so I have been a very good girl about going to the gym for the past week and a half, but I ate dinner around 8:30, and I was letting it digest while I watched a few episodes of Sailor Moon (because it’s really bad to exercise on a full stomach!), and before I knew it, it was 9:45. I thought to myself, “yeah, my gym is open 24 hours, but no one will be working there, and it might be dangerous for me to go alone this late…”, so I decided to do this Sailor Moon workout by Cassey Ho (the creator of the blog and youtube channel Blogilates. If you’ve never heard of her, you should definitely check her videos out. They’re amazing.). Let me just tell you, I just know my legs are going to be hella wobbly tomorrow. Here’s the link to the print out and video of the workout I just did:
<> I am very proud of myself though. I am becoming fit and healthy one day at a time. : )

Also, it’s time to think about Christmas already! About a month ago when I was looking around my mall’s cute Asian stuff store, I bought a couple of sheets of these Korean Christmas stickers that are SO cute. I am thinking that I will draw up 3 different designs of my own Christmas cards, make copies of about 10 of each design, and then personalize them with their own cute stickers and messages. Good idea, huh? Since my mom is having me go to get the car tuned up tomorrow morning, perhaps I should bring a sketchbook with me while I’m waiting so that I can draw up the designs for those.  

And then there’s SCHOOL! Next week marks my last week of classes at community college ever! So I have to bust my ass for final tests and projects and presentations… But tonight is Sailor Moon night. ; ) I am on episode 121/200, and episode 128 marks the first episode of the fourth season, Sailor Moon SuperS! : D 

It seems like there’s so many reasons for me to celebrate! I tried to get myself a little gift today at Victoria’s Secret that only would’ve cost me $2.50+tax because I have a $10 off anything coupon, but the nearest VS near me was all out of stock of the PINK water bottles! And everything in the store was messy looking and the employee wasn’t very helpful… It pisses me off, because in my extremely short-lived experience working at Hot Topic, my boss taught me to keep folding things to make the store look good at all times, yet here this woman was waltzing around the store like she had nothing to do, when she should have been cleaning up the damn place. WHY AM I NOT AN EMPLOYEE SOMEWHERE, I WOULD BE SO DAMN GOOD AT IT okay I’m done ranting now. ; P

I really enjoy having pictures in my blog posts, but I don’t really have any this time. : P I’ll give you a random picture of one of my favorite Sailor Moon screen caps. 



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