Black Friday

I had the weirdest dream last night in which I had sex with two different guys just hours apart from each other, and one of them was this guy that I had Biology with my Freshman year of high school, so I did the total creep and looked him up in the year book and then looked him up on facebook, and he is really really good looking/cute now. He’s got a girlfriend from the looks of the photos on his facebook, but hot damn! In the dream, I was walking up this hill that is right by my house (and it was snowing), and I came across this guy, let’s call him Stephen, sitting on the ground next to these cardboard boxes. I noticed that there were little kittens in the boxes, and he was petting them. He was wearing skinny jeans and Vans, and I would love to get with a guy that dressed like that. With tattoos and pierced ears… 

Which reminds me, Tom Delonge (the guitarist from blink-182, duh!) posted a photo of himself doing some charity work on Thanksgiving for feeding the homeless. He’s almost 37 now, but he’s so gorgeous! *sigh*


In other news, I went to the gym today! Again! On Sunday, I’ll have been going for a solid week! Since I don’t have a job and I am taking 13 credits at school, I have plenty of time in my days to justify working out every day. And I’m feeling so good about myself! : )

I got my hair did today, just a little bang trim and my hair lady also used the texturing shears to cut some chunks out of my hair too. It feels a lot lighter. : o Image

And this is a motivational poster that I made myself! My mom said that she wants me to make her one too. : ) Image

Lots of smileys today! : D I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving, I know that I did. I slept a shit load last night and I even went to bed before midnight because that turkey made me so damn tired. 

Also, I just downloaded the Pink Nation app onto my MacBook because I thought I could see what my little freebie is or whatever, but it doesn’t seem to work on computers. Only iPhones. What about us folk that don’t have iPhones? You bastards! grrrrr

Anyway, I hope you have a good day. ; )


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