Some little things about me

I love Larabars because they are healthy and pretty much always have 5 ingredients in them or less (and it’s all natural stuff). : )



I just started reading Onward by Howard Schultz, which is about the story of how Starbucks came to be and its journey as a company. It’s easy to read, and it’s interesting so far. I checked it out at the library. Gotta love free books! : )

I have a cat named Emma who showed up at our doorstep 2 years ago and has not left since I fed her. She was extremely skinny when she first showed up, but now she eats and sleeps a lot and she’s nice and healthy! My mom and I love her. : 3

One of the first (if not THE first) pictures I took with her:

Picture of her just a few days ago:

She’s beautiful. 

I love to bake.

And I love to color.

And my mom decided to make some french toast, so I’m going to go help out in the kitchen! 



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